Having a strong Internet presence has evolved from a luxury to an absolute neccesity. In the minds of many consumers, if you’re not online, you don’t exist.

Your company’s website can, and will, serve in a number of functions. Often it acts as the metaphorical “front door” to your business. When a new prospective customer arrives on your website’s home page they make their first judgements about what kind of business you are. Are you a professional company? Should they trust you with their business? If your website doesn’t offer the right answers to these questions, you will never get the opportunity to speak with these prospective customers in person.

Once customers are familiar with your company, they will use your website to stay in touch, to comparrison shop, and to refer friends and colleagues to your business.

Every website should do a few important things. It should convince customers that you a legitimate company that they can trust with their business. It should clearly feature the products and services that your company is offering. It should make a value statement that defines what characteristics set your company apart in the marketplace. And finally, it should make it easy for customers to either purchase directly from the website or to get in touch with a sales person for more information.

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Website Design


Website Design packages include:

• Consultation and recommendations

• Registration of domain name and setup

of hosting package, if needed

• Creation of site map

• Multiple original website designs from

which client may choose

• Layout of all website pages to follow

chosen design

• Complete development of website

• Optional Flash animations

• Optional photo galleries

• Optional contact form

Client may make several rounds of edits during design and development. During creation, site will be viewable on Dannique testing site.

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