Advertising through print media delivers a competitive advantage that allows your message to be placed directly in front of a specific target audience.

Print media offers the advantage of catering to specific target audiences whether it be to sports enthusiasts, homemakers, seniors, or just the local geographic area. Nearly any niche that can be imagined has a magazine or other print media that caters directly to it. When reaching your specific target audience through a properly placed print ad, no resources go to waste.

Print advertising also offers the flexibility of specific ad positioning within the publication. If your product or service is directly relevant to an article that will be running in an upcoming issue, you may request that your ad be placed within that article.

Many forms of print advertising, especially magazines, also offer credibility and a long life span. Many readers will keep magazines around for several weeks or even years. Others will pass on their magazines to friends, family, colleagues or customers. Magazine ads also borrow from the credibility that the magazine has established over many years.

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Print Advertising


Advertising packages include:

• Custom tailored creative strategy

• Roughl ad designs for approval

• Finished ad design

• Preparation of ad (pre-press production)

according to publication specs

• Submission of ad to publication and

follow-up communication

Research and recommendation of publication and ad placement is also available at an additional charge —
just ask.

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