Over our ten years in the advertising industry, we have learned that our own
success is predicated on the success of our clients.

Whether we are creating work for established corporations or small start-ups, we strive to deliver not only fresh, creative work that evokes emotion, but work that delivers real, bottomline results that ensure long-term success. Advertising is a vital part of any marketing plan — a tool that can launch or reposition a brand, impact sales and expand awareness. At Dannique Design Group, we beleive that if we listen intently, put ourselves in the shoes of the client, see through the eyes of the target, and create with passion, a great partnership is sure to form — and success is sure to follow.



“The website that Brendan created for Pooch n' Pals is the lifeblood of my business. Nearly 90% of my business comes by way of the internet and all my customers rave about the site! I couldn't ask for more.”

– Sarah Coshak, Owner
Pooch n' Pals Pet Sitting

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